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Website Bundle

(3 Templates):

Terms & Conditions,


Privacy Policy

Ā $497

Course Creators' Incubator Level 2 VIP [Upfront]

$547.00 USD

Course Creators' Incubator Level 1 [Payment Plan]

2 monthly payments of $59.00 USD

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Service Providers Bundle

(6 Templates):

Master Client Services, Independent Contractor, 3 Website Policies (Privacy, Disclaimer, Terms), TestimonialsĀ 


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CollaborationĀ Bundle

(7 Templates):

Affiliate Terms, Bundle Terms, Collaboration Agreement, Guest Coach, Guest Speaker/Teacher, Guest Waiver, Guest Blogger


Individual Contract Templates

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Website Terms of Use

$297 USD

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Website Disclaimer

$297 USD

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More Templates Coming Soon

Ā $Coming Soon

white flowers in white vase

Collaboration Agreement

$297 USD

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Bundle Collaboration Terms

$297 USD

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Affiliate Terms & Conditions

 $297 USD

Master Client Services Agreement

$297 USD

Independent Contractor

$297 USD

Mini Disclaimers & Disclosures

$97 USD

Testimonial Release

$97 USD

Online Course Terms

$297 USD

More Templates Coming Soon

$Coming Soon

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