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Meet Pam

Without legal protection 

your online business is shivering in the cold.


Come inside, warm up, and get the

customizable legal templates you need to 

Step Up Your LegalTM in your online business.


Our customizable legal templates are easy to use and understand. Here's a sampling:

Coaches and course creators ~ contract terms and conditions for your coaching program or course. 

 Done-for-you creatives ~ contract templates to help ensure you get paid. On time. 

 Membership sites ~ contract terms & conditions for your membership.  

Build Your Business with Bricks Not Straw or Sticks

Awards & Recognition

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My pathway here

I practiced business law for a lotta years in a law firm partnership with a few other lawyers. I wanted more control over my time, more freedom in my life, and more opportunity to be creative and serve women business owners. And so the Step Up Network LLC was born. I’ve always had a passion for helping women in business and I’ve experienced first hand the challenges women business owners face. I know what it's like to be told you can't do it or you're not good enough or smart enough. Sometimes this message is direct, other times it's pretty subtle, but it's there. I know it doesn't have to be that way, and I want to help you succeed.    

I Want Women in Business to be Unstoppable

When women entrepreneurs come together to support each other, cheer each other on and celebrate each other’s successes there's magic.  It's what women need and it helps them succeed.  An educator at heart, with my customizable legal templates and legal education and information for online service businesses I'm now able to provide an immediate impact to women business owners. I want to help you find your pathway to success.  

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My Why

I'm a problem solver. I've pivoted my career and built a solid online business and I want you to do the same. You can implement my templates right away and see the difference they make for your business. I love being my own boss, in charge of my own destiny, and confident my business is built with bricks. Yours can be, too.

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